For the Love of Garter

Everything is so stereotypically beautiful around here right now: bees buzzing like crazy around the redbud trees, waking up to birds chirping, everything in bloom, bunnies all over my neighborhood, new Easter dresses for my girls. Seasonal shifts always put me in a good mood and give me a creative surge.

This all made me finally want to start a new knitting project.  My Mitered Crosses squares have re-ignited my love for garter stitch, and I remembered a while back my mom gave me a pattern, a very popular pattern: Hitchhiker.

I decided this lovely skein of BFL sock I bought from Leigh of Wren House Yarns, I believe Bluebird is the name of the skein. So pretty! The colors are so deep yet vivid at the same time. Very pretty – I knew this skein was too special to put on my feet.  The BFL yarn has a nice wooly hand to it, I would choose it over merino any day.

So would you like to know how my squares are going on that Mitered Crosses blanket?

Wrapping up my 6th square right now.  Laying them out like this got me all excited!  So far I’ve not lost any interest or steam on these squares.  They’re nothing but fast and fun.  I am using the same colors more than once.  I don’t think it will bother me in the end, perhaps it will unify the blanket a bit more if not only the squares themselves are cohesive, but have little bits of similarities throughout the entire blanket as a whole.

I also started a new cross stitch project, as I finished my last giant project – hopefully I will be able to share a finished photo of that soon – perhaps once it’s framed.

Stitching on linen for the first time.  It’s a 32ct and boy do I feel like I am going cross eyed sometimes, the stitches are SO SMALL.  Not good for working on at night by lamp.  I feel like they look a bit sloppy too, but I’m still learning on this new medium.  I couldn’t resist the cute sheep wearing a sweater!!  I bought the floss the pattern recommended – I like it a lot.  It feels silkier than what I’m used to and it doesn’t tangle nearly as much.

What are you knitting? Stitching? Crocheting? SPINNING?? I feel my spinning drive coming back, I’m planning on finishing another yarn this week – yes!

See you soon!

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Granny’s Favourite

Pattern: Granny’s Favourite by Georgie Hallam
Yarn: Berroco Weekend DK (ugh)

I started knitting this as a back to school sweater for my girl.  Uhh… yeah school started back in August.  Whoops!  I blame the yarn.  As you will see, the YARN really gets the raw end of the deal today… or perhaps it’s the knitter who got the raw end of the deal?

I used a lot of this yarn to make my Gemini last summer. Even then I didn’t love the yarn. But I knew it would be good for a child’s sweater (it is a cotton/acrylic blend) with its washability. So I found the Granny’s Favourite pattern and was on my way!

This pattern is super cute and fun and easy to knit. It comes in TONS of sizes, so it is totally worth the buy.

Again, same problem as before, the variation in gauge shows up quite a bit in this yarn, and blocking doesn’t fix much.  It’s just. not. wool.  If you have a super even gauge, it’s not an issue, but for me, where my gauge changes significantly from flat to in-the-round knitting, it causes problems. :P

That said, it’s still a cute pattern, she’s a cute kid, and it’s her favorite color.  She also likes that it’s not “itchy.”

Would I knit this sweater again? YES! Would I use this yarn ever again? NO.

Any new WIPs? No! I know, it’s weird.  I’m really getting a lot of satisfaction from chipping away at these old WIPs.  And my blanket!! I’m five squares in and loving every stitch.  Squares are the new socks in my world lately.  I’m rarely without my little project bag with a square going.  I’m sure I’ll come back to socks soon.  But for now, I’m at a good place in my knitting, and if it’s all squares all the time, so be it!  Knit what makes you happy.

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Worsted Sock Love

Worsted socks! They’re decadent!

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Crabby McHappypants
Needle: US 3
Pattern: my own

I am such a goober you guys, all along I thought this yarn (even after finishing the project) was the Mediumweight of STR – no, it’s the Heavyweight.  And apparently this is the Crabby McHappypants colorway, not the Crabby McCrabbypants colorway as my label says.  Who knew!

This yarn surprised me and striped very nicely.  I was going all in thinking I would have crazy pooling and all that, but no.

I improvised the pattern on this one.  I’m thinking about writing it up.  It’s super simple and knitting these socks takes no time at all.  They are the toe-up method.

I wanted a garter heel for a nice squish factor.  It worked!  It would be easy to plug your favorite heel into this pattern though if garter is not your thing.

That’s about all on this one!  My next FO is kiddo sized & adorable. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Tulsa Trip & Mitered Crosses

Hello there! I’m excited to be blogging tonight because I want to share a project with you that I’m completely enamored with: my Mitered Crosses Blanket.

I’ve never made a full-size blanket before and I think this one is the perfect one for me.

The pros:
+ No seaming! All the squares are joined by a 3-needle bind off.
+ Worsted weight! The squares fly off the needles.
+ Utilizing scraps! I bought yarn for my border, the rest is from stash.
+ Easy pattern! No purls, nothing weird, just smooshy garter stitch. I’ve already memorized the pattern.

The cons:
+ I don’t have as much worsted weight scraps as I’d hoped.
+ Finding scraps that are SUPERWASH is tough for me as well.
+ There are a bajillion ends to weave in. Meh. Thankfully they are all hidden on the backside so I can pretend they aren’t there for awhile.

It’s fun (and sometimes challenging) to pick the colors out for the squares.  I don’t want them to be too matchy-matchy (like every quadrant in a square must be a shade of blue matchy) but I do want each square to be harmonious, if that makes sense.

This project is sort of taking over.  No sign of burnout on the squares yet, so I’m just going to keep on stitching along.

I went on a little road trip to Tulsa this week with my family, and made two crafty stops.  I went to a cross stitch store called The Silver Needle.  It’s something like 4,000 square feet.  I’m so new to cross stitch, and didn’t really know what I was doing or getting myself into.  The ladies there were so nice.  I think they felt sorry for me.  They kept asking me if I needed help, and I really did need help, but I didn’t know what I needed help with. There was so much awesome stuff I really didn’t know what to do.  I ended up buying a few cute patterns (like this Halloween one that is way out of my league), and made a dramatic exit by knocking over a huge basket of patterns. Lucky for them I’m not a local and won’t be able to terrorize their adorable shop very often.

I also went to Loops because, well, I always go to Loops when I’m in Tulsa.  I picked out these pretties.  Something about this shade of pink makes me so excited for spring.

Are you shifting to more “spring-ish” colors?

Finished socks coming up next!

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Weekend everyone! Yes!

How are things?

I’m currently kicking off my weekend with a sweet glass of Moscato and breaking in a new FO: Blissful.

Pattern: Blissful by Rose Beck
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the Woodsmoke colorway (2 skeins)

Just when I was thinking my love affair with the knitted leaf motif was over (and, I must say, it is so over for me for the most part) this shawl gave me a little glimmer of a spark for my love of this motif.  I think this shawl pattern has a modern look to it, due to the clean lines.  And it is so different, yet simple at the same time.  I think that’s what drew me in.

This is my first time knitting with Loft.  I was a little unsure while knitting, but after blocking is when I really felt the WOW factor.  It lives up to its name, lofty, airy, warm, comforting.  It’s awesome.  In fact, I think my next shawl will also be made with Loft.

Can you imagine my horror as I realized I was going to run out of yarn on the bind off row? I had to brainstorm.  Buying another skein was just something I was too stubborn to do.  I prayed I had kept my leftovers from my Snöflinga, and I had! I used the worsted weight to bind off.  I don’t think muggles will notice.

So many photos! Can you tell I love this one? ;)

TWO more FOs on the way, so excited!

Have a great weekend. It’s spring break here for my kids and we’re going to enjoy a little extra time together, I’m working less, and planning on getting more knitting time than usual.

See you soon!

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