Weekend everyone! Yes!

How are things?

I’m currently kicking off my weekend with a sweet glass of Moscato and breaking in a new FO: Blissful.

Pattern: Blissful by Rose Beck
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the Woodsmoke colorway (2 skeins)

Just when I was thinking my love affair with the knitted leaf motif was over (and, I must say, it is so over for me for the most part) this shawl gave me a little glimmer of a spark for my love of this motif.  I think this shawl pattern has a modern look to it, due to the clean lines.  And it is so different, yet simple at the same time.  I think that’s what drew me in.

This is my first time knitting with Loft.  I was a little unsure while knitting, but after blocking is when I really felt the WOW factor.  It lives up to its name, lofty, airy, warm, comforting.  It’s awesome.  In fact, I think my next shawl will also be made with Loft.

Can you imagine my horror as I realized I was going to run out of yarn on the bind off row? I had to brainstorm.  Buying another skein was just something I was too stubborn to do.  I prayed I had kept my leftovers from my Snöflinga, and I had! I used the worsted weight to bind off.  I don’t think muggles will notice.

So many photos! Can you tell I love this one? ;)

TWO more FOs on the way, so excited!

Have a great weekend. It’s spring break here for my kids and we’re going to enjoy a little extra time together, I’m working less, and planning on getting more knitting time than usual.

See you soon!

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A new springtime sweater.

Pattern: Soay by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: St Denis Nordique in “Olive”

I first considered knitting this sweater after I saw this one.  I know I could trust the pattern because I was so pleased with the quality of the pattern for Levenwick I made two years ago.  Gudrun seems to go the extra mile to design patterns that have a nice finishing to them – techniques that may take just a little bit more time, but result in a beautiful, polished finished result.  I admire her work quite a bit.

Soay has the same feel, with I-cord finishing & a beautiful sleeve cap made with short rows (a new technique for me).  This won’t be the last of her patterns I make.

My only disappointment with this is the YARN.  While the color and feel is very nice, it does seems like it is going to “fuzz” on me.  In hindsight I wish I’d instilled my “Good Stuff” philosophy a little sooner, but, oh well.  It was inexpensive yarn and I fell for a sale.  And trust me, it’s not the worst yarn I’ve used, just not my favorite.  Would I buy it again? Nope.

Now I must say I am rather proud of myself for the finishing spree I’ve been on.  I’ve been knocking out old WIPs left and right.  I’ve just finished another shawl, which will be blocked today, and am on the home stretch on a cardigan for my daughter.  It’s a good feeling, cleaning the slate.

See you soon.

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And how are you?

I bring you something finished:

My “feel better” shawl, better known as Occitan.  Knit with Storied Yarns (which is sadly a closed shop now) in her Lumpy Space Princess colorway, a sock weight merino with *sparkle*.

I do like this finished shawl.  It’s a little small, but I knew that going into the project.  When you wear it kerchief-style, it does wrap up around your neck nicely.  I have to admit though, it did get a little torturous at the end lace section… I think there were 500-something stitches on my needles?  The rows felt never ending.  But worth it – it’s very pretty. :)

Onto other things.

Can we just talk a minute… about Socks that Rock?

I ordered an embarrassing amount of yarn this last week… and it was mostly Socks that Rock . I’ve heard so much about it, I finally decided to give it a try.  And I’m already obsessed!  It feels like when I first discovered Madelinetosh.  It was all I wanted to knit.  I do still love me some Madelinetosh, don’t get me wrong.  But if you have a bit of an obsessive personality (um, me!) you know those fixations come and go.

I bought some of both the mediumweight and the lightweight to try.  I let my husband pick out my first skein to cast on, and he chose this one: mediumweight, in the Crabby McCrabbypants colorway.

It’s so pretty I almost hated to cake it up. But I did, and started knitting a sock.

SOCK LOVE!  I know why people freak out over this yarn now.  The base is so soft and springy and the depth of color is gorgeous.  I am a full-fledged Socks that Rock convert… I already have a list of colorways I’m after!!

What’s your yarn obsession at the moment?

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The Good Stuff

Ah, what a wonderful Monday to be off of work, buried in snow and ice!

I’ve finished a skein of handspun!  It feels like such an achievement. As some of you may know, the giant alpaca project really killed my spinning time and mojo. But finally this past week my wheel beckoned me to come and spin a little.  I was afraid I would be a little rusty, but it turns out spinning is a lot like bike riding, you just fall right back into the groove.

So here we have 360 yards, sport-ish weight, merino/nylon blend.  The colorway is Wizard Island and the wonderful braid was from FatCatKnits.  Ginny’s dyeing skills are right up there with the very best.  I’ve spun a lot of her braids and have NEVER been disappointed.  Also when my finished yarns hit the water for a wash, there is NO dye runoff.  Professionally and beautifully done.

What else is new? I sold my drum carder.  It was a beautiful thing, so well-made, but I never used it.   I couldn’t justify keeping it.  So it has found a new home, and I decided since there was a little extra cash in my pocket to finally replace the broken Knit Picks ball winder with this awesome Stanwood Needlecraft one. THANK YOU so much to those of you that recommended this ball winder to me, it is so, so everything I could ever want in a ball winder. And it holds up to ten ounces of yarn – what!?

I’m now trying to adopt the philosophy in my life to wait until I can get the “good stuff.”  Many times I’ve wanted something and bought the cheapest one (and I mean in quality, not always price) out there just to get going – which is fine for some. But I’ve found for me, I just end up with shopper’s remorse & have to invest even more money to replace something broken, that doesn’t work to begin with, or that I’ve outgrown in my skills quickly.  I also believe by buying the “good” version one time, versus the cheap version ten times over, it’s also a healthier way to be a consumer.  Sometimes it may mean waiting longer for something I need or want, but the payoff will be worth it.

What do you think?

Lastly, exciting news: Soay is ready to be blocked! Occitan will probably be finished today, in all her sparkly glory! And as it has been over a month since I’ve had socks on the needles, I think a new pair will be cast on this week.

Enjoy your Monday.

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Crafty Buffet

Oh hi!

Sorry for the crickets.

I came to the realization that I haven’t finished anything, knitting-wise, in over a month.  It’s so unlike me.  For awhile there I felt in a slump. Wasn’t really feeling excited about anything.  That’s when I switched to cross stitching for awhile, and that helped fill my need to craft while stepping back from my knitting for a bit. I’ve done a lot on my Frosted Pumpkin sampler - I’ve completed 10 more squares since I picked it up again!

I’ve also done some sewing.  I got a new (to me) sewing machine and have been familiarizing myself with it.  It’s a Husqvarna and is very different from my Brother machine but it feels well-made and the stitches look great.  I’ve made a skirt for my daughter using this book for instruction. It’s reversible and super quick to make – this is the 9th skirt I’ve made for my girls from this pattern.  Also I’ve cut out all the pieces and am ready to start sewing a dress for myself – this is new territory for me so I will let you know how that ends up. I also have been collecting bits of fabric as I’m out and about… those chickens! I’m not even a “chicken person.”  And the matryoshka dolls were too darling to pass up.

Soay – I’m on the second sleeve!  After that it’s just the front/neckline details and finishing! Woo! How’s yours coming along, Monica?

I had to frog my Skew socks.  I came to the realization that they were going to be wayyyy too tight…after I’d finished one sock already.  I have other plans for that beautiful skein, so no heartbreak here. :)

And my Occitan (a.k.a. Lumpy Space Feel-Better Shawl) is to the lace section.  Hopefully I will be calling this an FO soon.

I’m back to spinning again as well… working on finishing up this project.

I’ve come to find out that now is a good time for me to finish some things, and frog others.  I am ready for a clean slate as spring is coming up quickly… anyone else feeling that way?  So while there is not much to see in the way of finished things, I have been sampling a bit of a craftiness buffet.  A stitch here, snip some fabric here, spin a little there, knit a bit over here.  I recommend it if you are in a crafty rut.

And now some lovely things to share with you…

The cutest craft tote and mug rug.
This makes me wish I knew how to quilt.
Leigh is constantly dyeing up the most poetic colorways. Sigh.
Obsessed with this cardigan for spring.

Hope your week is off to a lovely start.

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